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Dr. George Gertner is a family man, healer, philanthropist, author of “The Gift of Hope”, public speaker, and founder of one of the world’s busiest Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinics. Upper Cervical Chiropractic of New York, PC was established in 2002 and has quickly become the standard of excellence in the profession. Located in White Plains, UCC-NY is located less than 30 miles from New York City, and attracts patients from all around the world including very well-known pro athletes and celebrities.

Dr. Gertner received his bachelors degree in biology from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY before moving to Atlanta, GA to attend Life University. Before graduation, Dr.Gertner had a severe injury to his lower back. For more than a year he was adjusted using every traditional chiropractic procedure available but still suffered with severe pain. After almost giving up on a profession that he spent the last 4 years dedicating his life to, Dr. Gertner finally met a chiropractor who changed his life. The chiropractor specialized in an advanced spinal correction procedure developed by NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). Immediately after the first visit, Dr. Gertner began to feel the amazing results of Upper Cervical care. His body began to “heal itself” and the relentless pain that had plagued him now quickly left his body.

Dr. Gertner spent the next two years mentoring from one of the best Upper Cervical doctors; learning in the same office that helped change his life. After two years, Dr. Gertner returned home to New York to open his own office. He currently is one of less than 300 NUCCA chiropractors worldwide.

Dr. Gertner has been featured numerous times in Chiropractic Monthly Magazine for his expertise in treating Trigeminal Neuralgia and Myofascial Pain. Dr.Gertner has lectured locally and nationwide discussing various symptoms using the Upper Cervical technique.

Since Upper Cervical Chiropractic helped him regain his life back, Dr.Gertner has found his purpose. Through this specialty in chiropractic, Dr.Gertner has dedicated his life to helping those people who suffer hopelessly with chronic pain.

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