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I started care with chronic ear infections which radiated to my sinuses, jaw and chest which caused severe ringing and made it impossible to sleep. NUCCA saved my life. Since seeing Dr. Gertner, I have dropped 20 pounds and all my ear issues are gone. I can now function normally without pain. My kids laughs and giggles no longer irritate my ear and I am off all medicine and no longer need surgery. Dr. Gertner and his staff are truly life savers.
~Jackie O. (December 2016)

When I came to see Dr. Gertner, I had severe left shoulder and neck pain. This caused me to move slow, lose my balance often and there were days that I couldn’t get out of bed at all. Now, just three months after starting care, I feel 100% better. I am able to stretch with ease and my pain has dropped from an 8 to a 0!!
~Edna B. (September 2016)

My neck, back and jaw pain were causing severe lack of energy and motivation. I was under traditional chiropractic for 16 years which just gave me short-term relief. Since UCC came into my life I feel great. I am more positive and energetic. I feel wonderful and the staff is always kind and caring.
~Camille S. (May 2016)

I had neck and back pain that was very painful. I couldn’t turn my head without being in agony. After the friendly and professional care I received at Dr. Gertner’s office, I now have very minimal pain and my mobility is way better.
~Stephanie C. (April 2016)

I had constant low back pain which caused extreme discomfort. I was dependent on traditional chiropractic adjustments but the relief never lasted. Now that I have been coming to Upper Cervical Chiropractic of New York, I have no back pain and better posture. I have had a great experience overall and I can even see the difference in my walk.~Dawn J. (April 2016)

I was always interested in natural care and wanted to avoid surgery for my low back pain. I had temporary results with epidural and physical therapy but I wanted something long lasting. Since my friend referred me to Dr. G, I sleep better, my allergies are gone and most of all my pain is gone! The staff is wonderful and my adjustments are always a pleasant experience.
~Pamela J. (April 2016)

After my fourth fall down the stairs I was in constant neck, hip, and foot pain. Quickly after starting care at Upper Cervical Chiropractic, I saw results. My neck is now the best it’s ever been. I haven’t had foot pain since my first treatment and my hip has improved tremendously. I got the great results I wanted without a painful manipulation. I am so thankful to Dr. Gertner and his staff!
~Kathleen C. (April 2016)

Before seeing Dr. Gertner, I was experiencing severe lower back pain. On a scale of 1 – 10, it was a 9! I was unable to turn in bed without pain, and getting out of bed in the morning was extremely difficult. After one week at Upper Cervical Chiropractic, my pain was completely gone and my neck moves much more freely without any pain. It is great not having pain, but it is also nice to see that my problem has been corrected. All the initial high tech diagnostic tests that were taken on the first day have been recently re-done and I can see that my problem has been completely fixed, permanently!
~Richard L. (March 2016)

I had low back, neck and shoulder pain that would shoot down to my left leg. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed on some days. I tried traditional chiropractic but it just didn’t work for me. Since starting at Upper Cervical Chiropractic, I’ve had tremendous progress. I can now get out of bed without a problem and even shovel snow! I breathe better, have more energy and just feel overall great!
~Marva K. (February 2016)

One day while in Mrs. Green’s I was approached by Dr. Gertner’s staff offering a free nerve scan. The results showed exactly what I had already known. I suffered daily from severe neck and back pain. As a hair dresser, I had to take Aleve to make it through the day. I had never been under chiropractic care before but after starting at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of New York, I received almost immediate results. I now have no more pain! It is also so much easier for me to walk, sit, and stand. My experience at Dr. Gertner’s office has been wonderful. I never thought such a gentle touch could create such magical results. I recommend Dr. Gertner to anyone suffering; you will be amazed by the results.
~Marilyn C. (February 2016)

I had constant shoulder and back pain that I could never find relief from. I had tried various massages, exercise and yoga to find some relief from the pain but nothing helped. Since starting upper cervical care I haven’t had back pain in two months. I notice better posture and complete back pain relief. UCC is filled with amazing and caring people that truly want to help!
~Pilar M. (February 2016)

I had constant burning in my shoulder which made it nearly impossible to move my right arm. Since meeting Dr. Gertner at a health fair, not only is my shoulder much better but I’m also sleeping great. Dr. Gertner and his staff are top notch, always pleasant and always efficient!
~Dorrine R. (February 2016)

When I started at Dr. Gertner’s office I suffered from fatigue and pain associated with balance issues. These issues were seriously interfering with my life. The left side of my body would tighten up which affected my overall energy. The only thing that would help was a nap. Before NUCCA, I had only been to a typical chiropractor that did the whole cracking routine. I had tried all kinds of things to relieve my symptoms such as: nutrition and brain based therapy. Both had mediocre results. Since coming into Dr. Gertner’s office my symptoms have dramatically reduced. I have no more stiffness on my left side and have better energy and digestion as a result.
~Baktash H. (February 2016)

When I met Dr. Gertner, I could not walk, sit or even move without being in constant pain. After visits to the hospital, their only answer was pain management rather than fixing the source of the problem. Since beginning Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, I am now in a position where I can function normally without any pain. I feel better not only when it comes to pain relief but in my overall health.
~Craig F. (February 2016)

In 2007 I first became a patient of Dr. Gertner because of neck pain and a clunky sound with motion. In a relatively short time I experienced complete resolution of symptoms. I have been a patient for wellness care for the past 6 years and return for routine checkups. A few months ago I re-injured my cervical spine. I had neck and shoulder pain as well as numbness andtingling in my arm, hand and thumb. I visited a neurologist and they determined I had a herniated disc at C5 that was causing radiculopathy. Since this present treatment, I have had marked reduction in the tingling and numbness and no shoulder or neck pain in a short time. A follow up with my neurologist confirmed the situation has resolved. Dr. Gertner and staff provide excellent care in a welcoming and friendly office.
~Dr. Gayle-Thompson, MD (February 2016)

For years I suffered from chronic neck pain and vertigo which caused me to be sleep deprived. There were often whole days where I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had been under traditional chiropractic care for two years but it didn’t help the vertigo. Since starting at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of New York my neck pain is completely gone and my vertigo hasn’t occurred in months. Thanks to Dr. Gertner and staff I can finally sleep through the night and have so much more energy throughout the day!
~ Milagro G. (February 2016)

A couple of years ago I was pushed down to the floor by one of my patients. As a result, I had a herniated disc which caused excruciating lower back pain that radiated to my thighs and caused spasms. All doctors recommended surgery. I was ready to try anything when I was introduced to Dr. Gertner. My results from Upper Cervical Care are something a million dollars cannot buy. After just two months, my pain decreased to 40% and eventually to 0%. Dr. Gertner is truly a God sent healer.
~ Theresa D. (February 2016)

Before I started treatment with Dr. Gertner, I had tightness and tension on the left side of my body, which made doing anything uncomfortable. The pain affected my posture and sleep. I never sought help from a traditional chiropractor because of how invasive treatment can be. Just two months after starting with Dr. Gertner, 90% of the time I have no bodily discomfort. I’m much more relaxed, my body feels balanced and I can even breathe better!
~ Nick F. (January 2016)

Dr. Gertner saved my life!!! I had been suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and neck pain that left me missing 2-3 days of work a week. I was unable to sleep, taking numerous pain killers and muscle relaxants. The pain was so bad at some points, I couldn’t turn my head enough to drive! I tried everything from massage to autoimmune specialists but nothing helped long term. Dr. Gertner is so amazing. He made all my pain and symptoms disappear completely. Because of him, I now can lead a full, healthy normal life.
~ Jeanne D. (January 2016)

I suffered from a debilitating back and neck injury which affected me emotionally and physically. I was seeing a physical therapist which didn’t help my neck or back pain at all. Since beginning Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, I have had a total turn around. I now have no pain, better concentration and I am finally able to walk fast again! Dr. Gertner and his positive attitude helped me through the worst time in my life.
~ Robert T. (January 2016)

Throughout my life I had suffered from severe back pain, headaches and nerve pain in fingers. These issues were beginning to severely affect my life. I was walking with a limp and had a hard time lifting up my one year old son. Regular day to day activities were impossible to complete. I was desperate for relief. I even had TWO hand surgeries in hopes of stopping my finger numbness. NUCCA changed my life. My back pain is gone! I have more energy and my fingers never lock anymore. Dr. Gertner did for me what surgery couldn’t! ~ Alexis R. (January 2016)

The idea of having my joints popped scared me so, I always steered clear of chiropractors. However, when I pulled my muscle in my right shoulder blade and couldn’t sleep or do any house chores, I knew I had to do something. I tried physical therapy and massages which would always make the pain temporarily go away but it always came back. After just a few adjustments I now have zero pain. I recommend Upper Cervical Chiropractic to all my friends and family.
~ Milagros C. (January 2016)

My Trigeminal Neuralgia was causing severe earaches, headaches and jaw pain which was making me depressed. Traditional chiropractic was making my symptoms WORSE and medicine would only make me tired. Once starting at UCC-NY, I finally began to feel like myself. I have to thank Dr. Gertner for giving me my life back. He got me completely off my TN medication and now I can do the things I love again.
~ Maria O. (January 2016)

I was under traditional chiropractic care about a month before I met Dr. Gertner. I wasn’t comfortable with the cracking that traditional chiropractic offered but was desperate for relief from my low back pain. At just 18 years old, I had a difficult time standing and sitting because the pain was SO BAD! This made working difficult since my job required so much standing. Since starting upper cervical chiropractic care, I have no more low back pain. Thanks to Dr. Gertner, doing my job is so much easier now!
~ Samantha D. (January 2016)

For years I had migraines that would send me to the emergency room. Within a few months of being referred to Dr. Gertner, my migraines have decreased dramatically. I now don’t have to panic if I leave the house without any pain killers. UCC-NY has made a big difference for me because now I feel like I am able to live!
~ Jeanette M. (2014)

Due to an accident I had severe neck pain which stopped me from participating in any sports and made me become a couch potato. I was under regular chiropractic for 20 years but it provided temporary relief at best. I have made so much progress since beginning upper cervical care! I am now able to play golf and exercise which caused me to lose all the weight I gained. My overall health has improved tremendously!
~ Ron P. (2014)

I started seeing Dr. Gertner for back, neck and shoulder issues. I had tried PT for years but it didn’t solve the source of my problem. After being under upper cervical care I feel little to no pain at all. Dr. Gertner did for me what physical therapy couldn’t!
~Patti D. (2014)

I was unable to pick up my two year old because I had severe neck and shoulder pain. I was seeing a regular chiropractor biweekly but the adjustments produced no results. After meeting Dr. Gertner at the Stamford Home Show, I have seen a great improvement. I now have freedom of mobility in my neck and can finally bond with my son!
~Dawn L. (2014)

Dr. Gertner helped me keep my job. I was suffering from extreme low back pain and headaches. It was difficult to even walk! Since beginning at UCC my back is so much better! The adjustments have made every aspect of my life better! I have had a great experience!
~ Anthony P. (2014)

Please share your experience and read other patient experiences.

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