During a patient’s initial examination, it is important to determine the exact position of the upper (cervical) spine. Standard x-ray technology is inadequate for this purpose because it is less accurate. The image may be distorted if, for example, the equipment is not aligned properly or if the patient is not positioned correctly. In evaluating many conditions, this distortion is not significant. In a spinal evaluation, however, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Even a slight distortion of the image can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and faulty treatment.

Unlike standard x-rays, precision laser-aligned x-ray equipment is carefully adjusted for accuracy using laser technology and is held in place by a special frame to maintain that adjustment. 

The x-ray images are analyzed according to strict NUCCA guidelines to determine whether any subluxations (displacements) of the upper spine are present. Every effort is made to keep x-ray exposure to a minimum.


Before AdjustmentAfter Adjustment