Diagnostic Overview

In addition to a patient exam and interview with the doctor, UCC-NY patients undergo the following state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures:


Paraspinal Digital Infrared Imaging

Paraspinal digital infrared imaging (DII) is a diagnostic technique that uses a small, hand-held device to measure and compare skin temperature–near the spine–for any signs of nervous system dysfunction.

Paraspinal EMG Scanning

Similar to infrared imaging, Paraspinal EMG uses the same device, but in the case of EMG, measures muscular electrical signals. The Paraspinal EMG is a specialized technique designed to evalutate groups of parspinal muscles.

Precision Laser-Aligned X-ray

Unlike standard x-rays, precision laser-aligned x-ray equipment is carefully adjusted for accuracy using laser technology and is held in place by a special frame to maintain that adjustment.